Roof coating customer testimonials.


Roof Coating and PVC Cladding, Central Scotland

roof and pvc cladding scotland“Dear Mr Hunter I am writing this to you to express my delight and gratitude at the work you carried out for me recently. From the moment that we discussed the project till the time it was completed I was very impressed by the way that you conducted the whole affair.

When you arrived and cleaned the roof that made a huge difference in itself but when you applied the top coat the house really does look magnificent.
Once again may I thank you for your professionalism and promptness in completing the task but also the cost was so much less than I expected to pay for the work that you carried out.”

Yours Faithfully Mr Hunter

 Roof and Wall Renovation, with wall and roof coating in Alloa

roof coat mullholland alloa scotland“Dear John

Just a wee note to say many thanks for the great job you did on our roof and walls. After all the time and money we spent on the total refurbishm,ent of our new home, getting the roof and walls cleaned and coated was the finishing touch in making the building look great.

I want to thank you to for your prompt and professional approach to the job. So many people nowadays fail to come when they say they will, leave mess to be cleared up behind them, or generally fail to produce the job promised at the sales stage. I’m happy to say none of that applied in your case and the whole manner in which you approached the work is to be commended. Thank you too for the follow up service when we had to have subsequent work done on our roof and you very quickly provided the materials for the roofers to touch up the damage they had caused.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone, indeed as you know you did the work on a neighbours house on a recommendation from us.
Good luck with your business in the future.

You deserve to be successful.

Yours sincerely

Hazel Mulholland”