Aquaseal Roof Coat Products and services

Roof coating and wall coating services from AqualSeal Roof Coat.

Developed for the worst of the British climate, we believe that
“Aqua Seal” sets new standards in severe weather protection. In addition the
UV fade resistant colours will give your home a lasting appeal.

The water based, micro porous acrylic creates a
waterproof but not a vapour proof barrier.
This allows the tiles and roof structure to breathe and the tiles to fully
dry out.

We also do not seal the gaps between the tiles or
the laps and this allows air to circulate preventing condensation forming on
the underside. This is an effective application of a long standing
technology. With “Aqua Seal” product offering this exceptional system and

How do we achieve this?

You damp proof brick walls by pressure injection
of a spirit based silicon product.
On a roof it is not possible to
pressure inject. So here we use the dampness of the tile helps us.

As our product is water based, when we apply it
the molecules of the compound can migrate through the damp and penetrate deep
into the tiles, becoming part of the tiles. It then “dries” and subsequently
“cures” to form a microscopic mesh.
This allows the smaller water vapour
molecules to pass out through it; but stops the larger water liquid
molecules from re-entering, and so dry the tiles out.

It is flexible, moves with the tile and is UV
stable. Also it won’t flake, peel, crack or blister as it doesn’t sit on
the tile but it becomes part of the tile and the texture
and character of
the tile and roof is maintained. The tile is stabilised and erosion ceases.
We believe, because of these characteristics, an Aqua Seal renovated tile is
better than a new one.

As the pointing and verges are also waterproofed
they don’t deteriorate, maintenance is minimised, saving you money all

Available in seven colours, we
are sure one will ideally suit your home. If it has been extended an Aqua
Seal protected roof has the additional benefit of unifying
appearance, considerably enhancing your home and it improves saleability and
increases value.

Our Aqua Seal Applicator has been trained in the
correct preparation of the surfaces and application of our Aqua Seal
products. You can therefore have confidence that the work will be completed
to the highest possible standards.

For most of us our home is our biggest asset and
it has been repeatedly demonstrated that well maintained and fresh looking
properties sell faster and command higher prices. Remember Aqua Seal comes
with a 10 year Guarantee.

Our work is excellent and the finished roof is
our own best advertisement.